Personalized Products

Saddle stitched brochure Saddle stitched brochure
Brochures (bound) Brochures (bound)
Softcover booklet (PUR-bound) Softcover booklet (PUR-bound)
Ticket pads Ticket pads
Loose tickets Loose tickets
Flyer Flyer
Flyer folded Flyer folded
Cards Cards
Folded Cards Folded Cards
Bookmarks Bookmarks
Mask cases Mask cases
Self-mailer Self-mailer
Personalized Letters Personalized Letters

Personalized Products

Letterheads, Cards, Flyers or even Covers for brochures can be personalized.

File for personalisation:

For personalised products with variable data printing (VDP), in addition to the actual print template, we also need a list with the variable information, for example, in the case of a form letter with name, address and salutation, etc. This list can be supplied as an Excel file (.xls, .xlsx) or as a text file (.csv, .txt).

This list can be supplied as an Excel file (.xls, .xlsx) or as a text file comma separated, semicolon separated or tab separated (.csv, .txt).

Please use the same names as column identifiers as you did in the print file as placeholder text.

Electronic proof:

An electronic proof of personalised print products will be sent to you automatically. The first proof is included in the price.

Please select the desired product from the list.

Personalized Products