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Flyer roll folded (3 panels)

The 6 page roll folded flyer is perfect suitable for product information, programmes oder invites.

With the wrap-around fold, the sides are folded or grooved twice inwards. This creates a flyer with inside and outside pages.

Formats, paper types and colours

All formats from A4 to A7 and square sizes can be ordered. The paper types for the winding fold range from 90 g to 350 g and are coated (glossy or satin) or uncoated (natural bright white or recycled) as desired.

The flyers are produced in one colour, in four-colour printing (CMYK) or in your Pantone corporate colour. Metallic and neon colours are also available.


For easy separation of a page or part of a page, simply order the wraparound fold flyer with perforation. It is also possible to personalize your flyers.

Same Day Express
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